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Pat Bowlen - Owner And Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Williams - Executive Assistant To Owner And Ceo

Board Of Directors

Pat Bowlen - Chairman
John Bowlen - Director

Executive Staff


Joe Ellis - President
Elaine Woodworth - Executive Assistant To President

Executive Vice Presidents

John Elway - Executive Vice President Of Football Operations
Rich Slivka - General Counsel/ Executive Vice President
Kathy Hatch - Executive Assistant To Executive Vice President Of Football Operations

Vice Presidents

Mac Freeman - Senior Vice President Of Business Development
Keith Bishop - Vice President Of Security
Chip Conway - Vice President Of Operations
Brady Kellogg - Vice President Of Corporate Partnerships
Cindy Kellogg - Vice President Of Community Development
Dennis Moore - Vice President Of Sales And Marketing
Darren O’donnell - Vice President Of Business Development
Jim Saccomano - Vice President Of Corporate Communications
Russ Trainor – Vice President Of Information Technology
Justin Webster - Vice President Of Finance

Bowlen Management Co.

Jim Schafer - Assistant To The Owner And CEO
Veronica Ibarra - Executive Assistant To Assistant To The Owner And CEO

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Football Staff

Coaching Staff

John Fox - Head Coach
Jack Del Rio - Defensive Coordinator
Adam Gase - Offensive Coordinator
Jeff Rodgers - Special Teams Coordinator
Clancy Barone - Tight Ends
Keith Burns - Assistant Special Teams
Brian Callahan - Quality Control - Offense
Mike Eubanks - Assistant Strength And Conditioning
Sam Garnes - Assistant Secondary
Jason George - Assistant Strength And Conditioning
Greg Knapp - Quarterbacks
Anthony Lomando - Assistant Strength And Conditioning
Dave Magazu - Offensive Line
Luke Richesson - Strength And Conditioning
Jay Rodgers - Defensive Line
Richard Smith - Linebackers
Eric Studesville - Running Backs
Tyke Tolbert - Wide Receivers
Cory Undlin - Secondary
Kristi Nichols - Executive Assistant To The Head Coach
Player Personnel/football Operations
Matt Russell - Director Of Player Personnel
Keith Kidd - Director Of Pro Personnel
Anthony Kelly - Assistant Director Of Pro Personnel
Lenny Mcgill - Assistant Director Of College Scouting
Mike Sullivan - Director Of Football Administration
Mark Thewes - Director Of Team Administration
Adam Peters - National Scout
Dave Bratten - College Scouting Coordinator/midwest Area Scout
Eugene Armstrong - Mid - South Area Scout
Scott Distefano - Midwest Area Scout
Cornell Green - Southwest Area Scout
Nick Schiralli - Atlantic Area Scout
Brian Stark - West Coast Scout
Dave Ziegler - Pro Scout
Pam Papsdorf - Executive Assistant To Player Personnel
Jerry Butler - Director Of Player Development
Fred Fleming - Director Of Special Services

Medical Staff

Steve Antonopulos - Head Athletic Trainer
Corey Oshikoya - Assistant Athletic Trainer
Josh Hartman - Assistant Athletic Trainer
Vince Garcia - Assistant Athletic Trainer
Scott Layne - Physical Therapist
Dr. Martin Boublik - Head Team Physician
Dr. James Genuario - Team Physician
Dr. J. Steven Geraghty - Team Physician


Chris Valenti - Equipment Manager
Mike Harrington - Assistant Equipment Manager
Jason Schell - Assistant Equipment Manager
Kenny Chavez - Assistant Equipment Manager

Football Information Systems

Tony Lazzaro – Director Of Football Information Systems
Kevin Grogan - Senior Programmer/analyst

Video Operations

Steve Boxer - Video Director
Gary Mccune - Video Operations Manager
Kirt Horiuchi - Video Assistant
Chris Kirchner - Video Assistant

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Business Staff

Media Relations

Patrick Smyth - Executive Director Of Media Relations
Rebecca Villanueva - Media Services Manager
Erich Schubert - Media Relations Coordinator

Team Media

Chris Hall - Manager Of Team Media
Gray Caldwell - Editor, Media
Stuart Zaas - Digital Media Coordinator

Community Development

Kelly Woodward - Director Of Community Development
Billy Thompson - Director Of Community Outreach
Beth Bowlen - Director Of Special Projects And Events


Fred Krebs - Manager Of Cash/treasury
Dianne Sehgal - Controller
Jenifer Brunetti - Payroll Administrator
Gina Johnson - Accounts Payable
Nanette Thompson - Assistant Controller
Kelly Fierro - Manager Of Travel Services
Peggy Jackson - Revenue Accountant

Human Resources

Sheila Thomas - Director Of Human Resources - Denver Broncos
Heather Brevik - Director Of Human Resources - SMC

Information Technology

Chris Newman – IT Architect
Jason Moore – Senior IT Engineer
Mike Corey - IT Engineer
Gil Bencomo - IT Engineer
Nick Burris - IT Engineer


Derek Thomas - Director Of Corporate Partnerships
Sandy Young - Senior Marketing Manager
Jon Carlson - Business Development Manager
Scott Wiepking - Business Development Manager
Bobby Mestas - Manager Of Fan Development
Erica Jennings - Manager Of Partnership Activation And Service
Kim Torrez - Manager Of Partnership Activation And Service
Mallory Cleveland - Partnership Activation And Services Coordinator
Kellie Sciacca - Partnership Activation And Services Coordinator
Dustin Frost - Events And Special Projects Coordinator
Amanda Hutchings - Promotions And Marketing Coordinator
Lori Nelson - Lead Designer
Brad Post - Mascot Coordinator


Teresa Shear - Director Of Cheerleaders And Game Day Entertainment
Kelly Tilley - Director, Junior Cheerleaders
Shelly Trujillo - Assistant Director, Cheerleaders


John Karpan - Operations Manager
Greg Johnson - Maintenance Coordinator
Adam Newman - Team Logistics Manager
Bryan Snyder - Team Nutritionist
Josh Bruning - Operations Assistant

Turf Operations

Troy Smith - Turf Manager
Kyle Bauman - Assistant Turf Manager
Cole Dudley - Assistant Turf Manager

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Ticket Operations

Kirk Dyer - Exec. Dir. Of Ticket Operations And Admin.
Katie Delay - Director Of Ticket Operations
Clark Wray - Director Of Ticket And Database Operations
Patti Barban - Ada Manager
Stacie Quinton - Assistant Ticket Manager
Tiffany Mastroianni - Assistant Ticket Manager

Premium Seating

Ryan Barefoot - Senior Director Of Premium Seating
Chris Faulkner - Manager Of Club Seat Sales And Service
Craig Walsh - Manager Of Suite Sales
Dave Stutman - Senior Premium Seating Executive
Geoff Sanders - Senior Premium Seating Executive
Ben Racine - Premium Seating Executive
Alicia Hawks - Premium Seating Executive
Melissa Durian - Senior Premium Service Executive
Melissa Anderson - Premium Service Executive

Stadium Management Company

Andy Gorchov - General Manager
Zach Myhra - Director Of Facilities
Chuck Olney - Director Of Business Development
Pat Jordan - Director Of Broadcasting
Ross Kurcab - Turf Manager
Rick Seifert - Communications Manager
Scott Bliek - Director Of Event Services And Security
Howard Brown - Facility Operations Manager
Jon Applegate - Event Operations Manager
Matt Shine - Senior Operations Manager
Anna Marie Martinez - Special Events Manager
Kendra Van Ness - Special Events Coordinator
Nick Young - Creative Services Manager
Lorraine Spargo - Director Of Special Projects
Pat Tetrick - Guest Relations Manager
Jared Devine - Security Manager
Chris Hathaway - Assistant Turf Manager
Luke Kellerman - Turn Technician
Brett Seibel - Assistant Operations Manager
Amy Crawford - Operations Coordinator
Patrick Bowlen Iii - Event Operations
Ryan Kehn - Senior Media Designer/associate Producer
Jeremy Wecker - Audio Visual Services Coordinator
Chris Hoag - Lead Electrician
Steve Eggers - Carpenter
James Montoya - Maintenance
Mike Gray - Electrician
Chad Henderson - Lead Engineer
Terrance "Jamie" Perkins - Lead Plumber
Curt Norton - Plumber
Ryan Nienhueser - Parking And Events Coordinator
Eileen Martinez - 24-hour Security Shift Supervisor
Keith Dietz - 24-hour Security Shift Supervisor
Ralph Ursini - 24-hour Security Shift Supervisor
Jim White - Assistant Security Manager
Fran Williams - SMC Receptionist
Gail Dodson - SMC Receptionist

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